To Our Film Family,

Running Filmily Fest has been quite an honor and given us the unique opportunity to see some amazing filmmakers show off their skills! However, with several upcoming projects at Jpixx, we have regrettably decided that we will be unable to hold a 2017 Filmily Fest to the capacity that we feel is needed. Even though Filmily Fest will not be happening this year, we encourage all of you to continue developing your skills, growing your network and following your passion in movie-making whether it be through contests or other festivals. (The Hampton Roads 48-Hour Film Project is the perfect go-to outlet)

As sad as we are to announce this, we do hope to eventually bring Filmily Fest back in some shape or form! We built this festival on the idea that people all across the film community in Hampton Roads should work together, support and encourage one another. After running this festival, we have seen how this community can pull together to be nurturing and welcoming amoung new, transient and mainstays of our community. We encourage others to be leaders in the community, to run events, to unify this sprawling film community and to always make efforts towards friendship. We have seen first hand how much of an impact can can be made when we build others up, draw inspiration from one another, show camaraderie, and lend a hand when needed.

We’ve enjoyed the ride thus far – and we’re excited to see what the future has in store 😉

Filmily Fest Management